Do you want to add flavor to your dishes?

Highlight your culinary products with food art

Culinary styling is my second passion. I make recipes and work in close collaboration with photographers specializing in food photos. My role is to advise the client on the best way to showcase their products, and to make them more appetizing and more attractive by working on the recipe and the decor. I stage your product in order to give your potential customers the desire to taste it! For any food art service in Brussels (Belgium) or in the region, do not hesitate to call on Art’s Foods.

When to call on a specialist in culinary styling?
You are a publicist and are responsible for coordinating a food photo shoot.
You need advice and assistance on how to enhance your culinary art.
You work in catering and you want to have your recipes and products photographed in the best conditions.
My clients

I notably worked in food art for Culin’R, as well as for restaurants on board Thalys and iDTGV. Do you want to be next? Know that I can move everywhere in Brussels and in Belgium to bring you my expertise. I invite you to contact me today for more information.